WFTO is an association of visionary Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that believe that a new economy is possible: together, they stand as a collective of entrepreneurial activists and changemakers who are at the forefront of advocating for an equitable and sustainable world. Fair Trade Enterprises are changing the way business is done on a global scale. Active throughout 84 countries, with more than 1 million livelihoods impacted from North to South, they are demonstrating a viable alternative to the current exploitative businesses is possible, by prioritising social and environmental sustainability, alongside with economic success. Having a verification system in place is giving the WFTO fully guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprises a visible place in the markets. From fashion to houseware, from food to beauty products, WFTO is transforming the industry, by upscaling the number of Fair Trade Enterprise and phasing out unsustainable business practices. As a global membership organisation, they are dedicated to supporting the members in achieving their goals and enabling them to increase their ethical markets. They do this by producing high-quality products, with respect for workers and the environment. As a movement, we are also amplifying our voice as Fair Trade Entrepreneurs to change (international) policies to promote impact-driven Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Commitment to SSE:

As an observer, WFTO will actively participate in the Task Force and disseminate the objectives of the SSE program. All our members are social enterprises and eager to connect with other like-minded networks and advocate for (inter)national policies to create an enabling environment for mission-driven entrepreneurs.