SSE responses to COVID-19: information from the members and observers of the UNTFSSE

With the unprecedented impacts on all aspects of our lives, COVID-19 has revealed the weakest links and blind spots of the social and economic systems within and between countries. As governments at all levels across struggle to cope with the crisis, various forms of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) prove their responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing a wide range of problems of COVID-19. We learn every day about innovative ways SSE actors and practices contribute to filling the gaps of economic and social systems, including the health care sector in mitigating the negative impacts. Solidarity and social trust strengthened in and beyond SSE organizations are expected to be a fundamental basis for the recovery and transformation post-COVID-19 crisis. The collection and systematization of data, information and knowledge on the actions, actors, and organizations of SSE amid COVID-19 crisis will help better harness SSE communities to engage with the policy debates for a transformation of our economic, social and political systems that revealed structural weakness to COVID-19.

As an effort to systematize information sharing and dissemination,  this page collects the information on the activities of members and observers of UNTFSSE:

  • European Economic and Social Committee:

🔍 EESC Declaration on The EU’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak;

  • EMES:

🔍 EMES statement “Collaboration and solidarity to prevail against the COVID-19 and future crises”;

  • Euclid Network:

🔍 Impact Practitioners & COVID-19: Weathering The Storm webpage;

🔍Driving Positive Change – webinar series;

🔍Euclid Network  joint Covid statement letters;

  • Euricse:

🔍Euricse news on Covid-19 and third sector;

  • GSEF:

🔍 GSEF dedicated webpage on “Anti-epidemic public policies in East Asia amid the covid-19 outbreak”;

🔍 GSEF Webinar Series on SSE and COVID-19;

  • International Co-operative Alliance (ICA):

🔍 Dedicated webpage on ICA members in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and related news on the cooperative movement at large;

  • International Labour Organization:

🔍 COVID-19 and the World of work webpage;

🔍 COVID-19​ Enterprises Resources webpage;

🔍 ILO resources on Cooperative, SSE and crisis response webpage;

🔍 Collective Brain dedicated webpage on SSE responses to COVID-19;

  • OECD:

🔍Dedicated portal on covid-19 response;

🔍Note on “Coronavirus (COVID-19) – From pandemic to recovery: Local employment and economic development”;


🔍 COVID-19 statement: “Globalising solidarity is the response we need now!” available in English, French, Spanish;

🔍 Intercontinental webinars “SSE 2020 Global Vision” webpage;

  • Social Economy Europe (SEE):

🔍 SEE Open Letter;

🔍 Annex of SEE members initiative, updated periodically;

🔍 Survey to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on social economy actors, collect information about their response to the crisis, and to amplify the voices of all social economy actors. Available in English, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish;

🔍 SEE video message of solidarity and hope #WeStandTogether;

🔍 Actively contributing to the European Commission dedicated webpage on best practices in relation to the COVID19 pandemic;

  • SSE International Forum:

🔍  Collection of “COVID 19 – First actions taken by members of SSE International Forum” available in English, French and Spanish;


🔍 Series of news, analysis and resosurce, monitoring the effects of the global pandemic on manufacturing, trade, foreign direct investment and economic growth  dedicated page on Coronavirus (COVID-19);

🔍 UNCTAD news and updates on Coronavirus Pandemic;


🔍 Series of pocily briefs and news on Economic and social impacts of COVID-19  website;

  • UNDP:

🔍 UNDP dedicated webpage on Covid-19 news and response;

🔍 COVID-19 UNDP’s Integrated Response;


🔍 UNRISD Covid-19 Blog series website;

🔍 UNRISD Survey on Responses to Covid-19 and Vulnerable Communities.

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