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JEUN’ESS: Promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy and Creation of Decent Jobs for Tunisian Youth JEUN’ESS project aims to create decent jobs for young people in disadvantaged areas and support the transition to the formal economy through the promotion of the social and solidarity economy (SSE). The project proposes an approach based on the promotion and strengthening of collective entrepreneurship through SSE organizations and mechanisms.01/09/2019ILOTunisiaSDG 8
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme supports aspiring social entrepreneurs to connect and learn from their experienced counterparts in another participating country. It enables peer-to-peer learning, capacity-building and creating long-lasting partnership among impact practitioners.01/06/2020Euclid NetworkBulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, SpainSDG 4, SDG 8
ESESII: Enabling Social Entrepreneurs to Scale their Impact Internationally addresses the lacking awareness of many social entrepreneurs on what impact their business could have in a different location. Partners will develop a framework of skills and competences and a curriculum to train social entrepreneurs. Project also engages with SESOs and develops a set policy tools destined for national use.01/10/2020Euclid NetworkALL COUNTRIES, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, NetherlandsALL, SDG 8