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An association born from The Mont-Blanc Meetings, SSE International Forum promotes Social and Solidarity Economy within a pluralistic economy and on all continents.

SSE International Forum supports the commitments of a network of SSE head of companies, actors and organisations who are transforming the economy, acting in all areas of daily life, and advising authorities in the development of public policies. For over 10 years, our international network, gathering 33 members on the 5 continents, has proved to be a real think tank in three fields of action:

► GATHER SSE leaders and major players, because sharing and the willingness to build together are at the core of this model; from the founding meeting in 2005, ESS FI has organised the Mont Blanc Meetings meetings every two years.

► CO-CREATE and MAKE VISIBLE sustainable and inclusive projects, because field initiatives provide clear evidence of SSE’s social, civic, environmental and economic efficiency, but also experience sharing and learning between members.

► INFLUENCE and PROMOTE policies, studies and agendas for SSE, because stronger international acknowledgement and legal recognition of its principles will further develop this efficient and resilient model on all continents. SSE International Forum works with David Hiez, Professor of Private Law at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg, in charge of drafting an accompanying Guide for the drafting of SSE law. Three European studies are also worth consulting, related to SSE International Forum members: the MGEN study conducted by law teacher Laëtitia Driguez in 2017, « Not-for-profit entities under European Union Law »; and  two European Economic and Social Committee’s Opinions, for which Alain Coheur, co-president of SSE International Forum, was Rapporteur:

SSE International Forum disseminates practices within intercontinental cooperation, defends Social and Solidarity Economy principles, and gathers expertise.

Advocating on various levels, SSE International Forum is accredited by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and an observing member within the UN inter-agencies Task Force on SSE (UNTFSSE) and within the European Commission Expert Group on Social Economy and social enterprises (GECES).

SSE International Forum was the initiator and former permanent vice-secretary of the International Leading Group on Social and Solidarity Economy (ILGSSE).


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