The Mediterranean MedESS process

From May 2ndMedESS to May 4th, 2013, MedESS brought together at the Palais des Congrès in Tunis people who have a different way of understanding entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean Region. 600 participants from 12 countries rallied to prove that the Social and Solidarity Economy is a responsible citizen response to the multiple challenges that have arisen in the Region. 50 selected initiatives amongst those that had the best practices made their voice heard by calling for the construction of a Mediterranean area that is favourable to the Social and Solidarity Economy.

Tunis welcomed the launching of a long-term process, an initiative of the civil society and private sector, to collectively build a Mediterranean of Social and Solidarity Economy. The promoters of the initiative, the French insurance mutual group MACIF and the cooperative bank Crédit Coopératif, were joined by numerous other public and private partners, institutions, enterprises, and networks.

This multi-players process is today implemented by an association created in June 2014. Its main missions are to prepare the second biyearly MedESS event, and to carry out the ambitious programs announced in May 2013:

  • CitESS MedBuilding interconnected support poles for all the players involved in the SSE: public-private poles for competitiveness, CitESS (“SSE Cities”) have as an objective to aid the creation and development of those initiatives that are economically and socially long-lasting in the Mediterranean Region, and doing so as close as possible to the parties involved, offering advice, financial intermediation, training, incubation, help with replication,
  • FinESS MedMobilise and financially innovate at the service of the SSE: From providing funds for credit lines to guarantees and the financing of investments, social enterprises have the same needs as those of an SME. The FinESS Med program wants to demonstrate that the SSE is bankable, acting on the basis of both demand and financing offers.
  • MedESS CampusTrain Mediterranean SSE managers: The ambition of the MedESS Campus is to become the Mediterranean reference for training SSE managers and entrepreneurs. With multiple sites and nationalities, the participation-based MedESS Campus will offer truly Mediterranean career paths.
  • SSE Regulatory referencesTowards a shared normative space: A series of seminars will aid in the advancement towards a regulatory convergence on SSE in the Mediterranean Region.

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