Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV)






Initiated by METROPOLIS and United Cities Local Governments (UCLG), FMDV is the unique international alliance of local and regional governments dedicated to identify, promote and develop solutions for financing urban development and for local economic development in a resilient and sustainable approach.

FMDV supports its founders, members and partners, through technical expertise, financial engineering and research for action, in empowering local economic dynamics and in providing access to the adapted financial resources, and implement long term urban development strategies.

FMDV integrates in its range of sustainable solutions for the financing and resilient local economic development of territories all the objectives, principles, strategies, mechanisms and structuring resulting from the practices of the actors and institutions of the Social and Solidarity Economy and Finance (SSEF).

As such, and since its creation, the FMDV has been committed to the visibility, strengthening and promotion of SSEF, its practices and actors, including local and regional governments, throughout the preparation and definition of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, including its corollaries: Financing For Development (Addis Ababa, July 2015), the various CPPs (COP21 December 2015, COP 22 November 2016) and the New Urban Agenda, which incorporates for the first time into a UN text an explicit reference to the terminology “social and solidarity economy” and to many of its tools and dynamics as a solution for the implementation of a sustainable and equitable NUA (thanks to the coordination work for the preparation of the Habitat III Summit between the major SSEF networks and the FMDV).



  • Publications of case studies, organization of dedicated workshops, integration of references and policy recommendations on SSEF as a basis for policies for the relocation of the economy and finance at major international meetings, supported by Local and regional members of the FMDV (see, for example, Chapter Metropolises for GOLD III, the productions of the REsolutions To Fund Cities Campaign, the Declaration of the City of Mexico for Habitat III, the Roadmap for Action to Localize Climate Finance, adopted in Marrakesh, the World Assembly of Local and Regional Leaders Habitat III Statement, etc.);
  • SSEF implementation programs at the local level (INTERREG IV program on Community Land Trusts, France-Brazil cooperation on strengthening the Brazilian SSEF network of elected officials and managers, in collaboration with the RTES, trainings and expertise on participatory budget  or local currencies);
  • Support for rallying and cooperation between SSEF’s historical networks for the pooling of knowledge, experience and expertise: in this respect, the FMDV has forged strategic partnerships with the SSE International Forum (formerly known as the Mont Blanc Meetings), the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of SSE (RIPESS), and coordinated dialogue with INAISE, GSEF and other key players such as the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV);
  • Membership and contribution as an active member of the International Leading Group on SSE and the United Nations Agencies Taskforce on SSE (debates, publications, strategy);


The FMDV is now working to give SSEF its full macro-SSEF capacity in order to contribute to the in-depth transformation of the International Development Agenda.

In this capacity, it carries out liaison work between SSEF, financing of territorial developemnet strategies, and sustainable and resilient local economic development, integrating a strong Climate component.



FMDV Head Office: 47 avenue Pasteur, 93100 Montreuil – France

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