European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (EURICSE)




EURICSE – the European Research Institute on Cooperatives and Social Enterpreisesis – is a research institute based in Trento (Italy). It promotes knowledge and innovation in the context of cooperative and social enterprises and other non-profit organizations of a productive nature, through theoretical and applied research, training and consultancy activities.

To this end, Euricse’s activities include:

Research: Euricse conducts multidisciplinary research activities that seek to bridge the divide between current dominant theoretical models and the specific features characterizing cooperative and social enterprises. Euricse supports and implements both theoretical and empirical research projects in the fields of economics, sociology, political science and the law;

Training: Euricse designs and organizes training programs specifically aimed at the professional development of young researchers and at enhancing the skills and knowledge of those who work in nonprofit enterprises and organizations;

Consulting: Euricse offers applied research and consulting services to nonprofit organizations (including in particular co-operatives and social enterprises) as well as to local, national and international public institutions;

Communication: Euricse shares and promotes research results and findings through publications (including an on line journal, JEOD, and a series of Working Papers) and the organization of presentations, conferences and seminars.

In carrying out this work, Euricse has become a point of reference on the study of co-operative and social enterprises in Europe and around the world, carrying out extensive work for many international organizations and institutions, including the European Commission, the ILO, the FAO, OECD, and the ICA. Euricse is one of the leading members of EMES (the European network of research centers on social enterprises), and Euricse’s researchers have published numerous books, papers and reports on co-operatives, social enterprises and social entrepreneurship, which have enjoyed a wide distribution at the European level and beyond.


Main Publications and Outputs

  • “The World Cooperative Monitor 2022 edition” 2022. Available in English
  • “Report on trends and challenges for Work Integration Social Enterprises (Wises) in Europe. Current situation of skills gaps, especially in the digital area” 2022. Available in English
  • “Financing the Social and Solidarity Economy – SSE Encyclopedia entry” 2022. Available in English
  • “The Finance Sector and the Social and Solidarity Economy – SSE Encyclopedia entry” 2022. Available in English
  • “Migrants, Refugees and the Social and Solidarity Economy – SSE Encyclopedia entry” 2022. Available in English
  • “Financial mechanisms for Innovative Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems” 2019. Available in English
  • “Mapping of social enterprises and their ecosystems in Europe” and its updates 2019. Available in English
  • “World Co-operative Monitor, the economic importance of the world’s leading cooperatives” (published every year since 2011) 2018 edition available in English and Spanish
  • “Social and Solidarity Economy and the Future of Work” 2017. Available in Italian and English
  • “Putting the “Local” in Economic Development: The Role of the Social and Solidarity Economy” 2017. Available in English
  • “Structure and performance of Italian cooperatives” 2018. Available in Italian
  • “Social economy and social enterpreneurship – Social Europe Guide” 2015. Available in English, French, German, Italian
  • “WP 104|18 Advancing statistics on cooperatives: Reflections on six country case studies” 2018. Available in English
  • “ECOOPE – Entrepreneurial Cooperative Experience” 2018. Available in English
  • “Policy Brief on Scaling the Impact of Social Enterprises” 2016. Available in English
  • “Identifying Processes and Policies Conducive to Cooperative Development in Africa” 2017. Available in English
  • “A map of social enterprises and their eco-system in Europe” 2015. Available in English
  • “IHCO Report 2017: Assessing the worldwide contribution of cooperatives to healthcare” 2017. Available in English
  • “Promoting the understanding of cooperatives for a better world” 2012. Available in Italian, Bulgarian, German, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, French, Slovenian, Croatian


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