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Euclid Network is a growing European network for organisations that support social entrepreneurs and impact-driven leaders. Our members are based in 20 countries and represent over 100.000 organisations throughout Europe and beyond. We are a strategic partner of the European Commission and an observer to the United Nations Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy (UNTFSSE). Euclid Network enhances the field of social entrepreneurship through knowledge exchange, capacity building, networking and international advocacy.


Commitment to SSE

As observer, EN will actively participate in the Task Force’s debates, and will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the topics discussed. Besides the European sphere, our network is also rapidly growing at a global level through our programmes in Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. Consequently, we are eager to join the UNTFSSE as an observer to help shape the international agenda on social enterprise and leverage the experience and expertise of our expanding community.


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