EMES International Research Network




EMES (www.emes.net) is the only established international research network whose goal is to gradually build a corpus of theoretical and empirical knowledge, pluralistic in disciplines and methodology, around social enterprise and other third sector issues. EMES includes eleven established university research centres and 300 individual researchers who jointly conduct multidisciplinary studies to understand the diversity of experiences at national levels, and the way social enterprises and third sector organizations are embedded in their respective societies.

The range of initiatives carried out by the coordination unit and the members of EMES covers comparative research projects, educational and training programmes in over twenty European universities and dissemination activities.

EMES organizes bi-annual international conferences and international PhD Summer Schools that have become references in the research community. EMES disseminates the results of its research projects and publications in various economic, social and political arenas and in the academic world. EMES has published over twenty books to date some of which have been translated into more than five languages. Its latest book is entitled “Social Enterprise and the Third Sector: Changing European Landscapes in a Comparative Perspective”

EMES also publishes two Series (Working Papers and Conference Selected Papers), which includes over 200 papers with the results of its different research projects and conferences available for download.

Some recent EMES research projects include:


Please contact Rocío Nogales (info@emes.net) for further information about EMES.

EMES is active in various social media via its own profiles (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)