UNTFSSE receives award for supporting Member States adopt a UNGA resolution on the SSE

UNTFSSE Co-chair Chantal Line Carpentier from UNCTAD attended the Catalyst 2030 Awards for systemic change ceremony on Wednesday 8 November at Spencer House in London.


Ms Carpentier received the special recognition for the work of the UN Inter Agency Task Force on the Social and Solidarity Economy on:


Ms. Carpentier noted that she was pleased to receive this award in the name of the 17 members and 13 observers, including Catalyst 2030, of the UNTFSSE. She highlighted key accomplishments of the Task Force over the past decade. This Resolution, she pointed out, builds upon preceding events in 2022 such as the:


With this resolution we can move from advocacy to action in promoting social and solidarity economy for sustainable development around the world. The SSE is part of a plurality of economies that advance the three dimensions of the SDGs, instead of one at the expense of the other two.” — Ms Carpentier, UNCTAD