A joint initiative of the UNTFSSE and SOCIOECO: online archive on social and solidarity economy (SSE) laws

Socioeco.org is an international and multilingual virtual library on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) established by RIPESS. Its purpose is to document and give visibility to inspiring SSE initiatives and policies that exist or have existed in different regions, countries, cities, and rural areas around the world. It presents case studies, videos, publications, articles, public policies, pedagogical tools, amongst others. Socioeco.org works with 15 other databases on topics related to SSE, thus offering a very large scope of contents.

In this general framework, a monitoring of legislations around the world was established since 2011 and then a Legislation page on SSE was created beginning of 2020 by socioeco.org with the aim to bring together in one place the SSE framework laws adopted in the different countries around the world.

During the second semester of 2020, a joint initiative with the UNTFSSE led by ILO as its current Chair, allowed to re-think and update the online archive with few more frameworks laws and some other relevant laws and decrees at national level relating to SSE specific legal entities: associations, mutual societies, social enterprises, etc.; and some relevant documents adopted by international bodies at regional and international level.

A number of members and observers of the task force have been and will continue to be involved in this process.

Although it does not claim to be exhaustive, the online archive is updated regularly. The legislation page is multilingual. Laws and decrees are in their original language, with some translations available.

This initiative is reinforced by the integration of contents between socioeco.org and unsse.org and it is in line with the recent communication strategy put in place by the task force.