SSE Encyclopedia: First Meeting of the Editorial Committee

The first meeting of the Editorial Committee of the SSE Encyclopedia was held online on July 9, 2020. Seven members of the Committee from Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Europe and two staffs of Edward Elgar Publishing, partner for this Encyclopedia project, participated in the discussions on various issues related to the implementation of the project including key areas of entries and publication plans.

Various key areas have been discussed with great enthusiasm for the creation of a “definitive reference work” on SSE, as was put by Daniel Mather from Edward Elgar Publishing. They include diversity in SSE concepts, sectors, and origins, theoretical debates and critical perspectives on SSE, their partnerships, policy, legal frameworks, gender and the contribution of SSE to sustainable development. The penultimate list of areas of entries and entries themselves will be discussed at the 2nd Editorial Meeting which will be held in late August 2020.