The 6th Mont-Blanc Meetings took place from 9-11 November 2013 in Chamonix, France

Acknowledging the end of the 15 years period allotted to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the focus of the event was “Changing the course of globalization through social and solidarity economy: Towards post 2015 Millennium Development Goals”.


These MDGs had been set by the United Nations to reduce both extreme poverty and the disparities between a large number of very poor people and a minority of very rich.
As from now, an assessment seems necessary, as well as a redefinition of these goals, taking into account the progress made, the shortcomings identified and the emerging new challenges. This broad topic has been approached in a transversal way, in order to cover all components of a sustainable human development, a concern which is at the heart of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) enterprises. This sixth edition of the Mont-Blanc Meetings included discussions, round tables and conferences focused on the following questions:

  • Which new objectives should be defined to respond to the post 2015 Millennium challenges?
  • Is there a redistribution of roles between States, local authorities, SSE enterprises and the traditional private sector?
  • How are getting prepared and organized the Civil Society actors, through the SSE, to exercise together their empowerment, and so, their societal responsibility?
  • Education: What content should be taught? How effective is the learning today? What measures should be adopted to improve the access to training?
  • The Commons: is collective management a model for tomorrow?

The final declaration called on mobilizing the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy to facilitate the recognition of the “SSE Leading Group”.