TFSSE members to take part in conference organized by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), 1 Oct., Brussels

EESCSeveral members of the TFSSE will take part in the conference titled “Social Economy and social innovation as drivers of competitiveness, growth and social well-being”. Click here for the detailed programme. UNRISD Director, Sarah Cook, will present the Task Force to the European audience.

Event: Alternative Trade and Finance for a Solidarity Economy

As part of the 5th UNCTAD Public Symposium, the United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) will host a session on Alternative Trade and Finance for a Solidarity Economy, on 19 June 2014, 2-3:30 pm, at Room XI, Palais des Nations, Geneva.  This session will examine an emerging development model – based on myriad initiatives around the world – which is increasingly referred to as the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE).