RIPESS is a global network of continental networks committed to the promotion of Social Solidarity Economy. The member networks themselves (Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania) bring together national and sectorial networks, thus ensuring strong territorial anchoring. The combined global and local scope gives RIPESS legitimacy to promote SSE, foster intercontinental cooperation, and advocate at different levels. 

From the Founding Congress in Lima in 1997, Quebec in 2001, Dakar in 2005, Luxemburg in 2009 and Manila in 2013, RIPESS has organised Globalisation of Solidarity meetings every four years to promote SEE in all continents, create a space for experience sharing, learning and cooperation between members.

In the current global context, RIPESS raises the voice and thematic proposals for SSE. This includes themes as vital as food sovereignty, public policy that supports SSE, implementation of the SDGs through SSE, the role of women in SSE, ethical finance, inclusive local development etc.

The RIPESS website gathers documents from all the global meetings since the first one held in 1997. The Declarations issued at these meetings and other documents such as the Vision paper discussed at the Manila meeting in October 2013, are particularly relevant. All documents are available in three languages (English, French and Spanish).

RIPESS endorses and supports the following two resource centres:

The SOCIOECO resource website on social solidarity economy has nearly 3000 documents of different types related to SSE, local development, food sovereignty and other subjects associated to SSE. Besides English, French and Spanish, Socioeco also has documents in Portuguese and in Italian.

The RELIESS is an international reference and networking centre that enables co-construction of public policy for the SSE by making available information on innovative and effective public policy developed for the SSE at the local, regional, national and international level, particularly policy resulting from collaborations between the public sector and actors of the SSE. The RELIESS disseminates information in English, French and Spanish.


RIPESS has NGO accreditation with UNCTAD and with ECOSOC.


The Social Solidarity Economy Recommendations for the Post-2015 Development Agenda are available in English, French and Spanish.


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