Global Social Economy Forum, or GSEF, is an international non-profit organization. GSEF is a global network of social economy to serve as a hub for sharing visions and experiences across international borders and cooperation based on multilateral (public-private-community) partnerships for a better world.



GSEF serves as a global solidarity network and aims for the multi-dimensional development of the market economy, public economy, social economy, and ecology. Through the collaboration between social economy organizations and local governments, the GSEF pursues the creation of quality jobs, fair growth, progress of grassroots democracy, and sustainable development.



  1. The GSEF promotes both personal and material exchanges and sharing among the main global activists of social economy
  2. The GSEF supports local government and non-government agencies to create a stable social economy network through the public-private-community partnership
  3. The GSEF promotes various joint projects to spread the social economy on a global scale
  4. The GSEF acknowledges the responsibility to support developing countries that experience poverty and serious underdevelopment

Global Social Economy Forum 2013

GSEF initially started from GSEF 2013 forum which was held under the theme ‘New discovery of Collaboration’. 8 leading local governments, 9 social economy organizations and around 130 domestic and international organizations gathered together to share their vision and insights in promoting the SSE. The GSEF 2013 made a meaningful step to search for solutions and alternatives of the critical social and economic crises the world is facing today, by proclaiming the Seoul Declaration. Promising establishment of a concrete global solidarity for an effective exchange of social economic experiences among local governments and the NGOs, the Seoul Declaration also includes a plan to launch a global advisory group as an action body for the global solidarity.

Inaugural Meeting of the Global Social Economy Forum 2014

After the successful hosting of GSEF 2013 and adoption of the Seoul Declaration, GSEF inaugural meeting was held in November 2014, Seoul. Under the slogan ‘solidarity for change’ 18 local governments, 43 social economy organizations and 3 international organizations participated in the forum and adopted the GSEF charter. The forum was conducted among leading local governments and social economy organizations that are actively resolving social issues by vitalizing social economy. The inaugural meeting also served as the networking opportune for the global innovation cities and organizations to share their vision and experiences to better our future.


GSEF2016 in Montreal, 7 – 9 September 2016

The Global Social Economy Forum – GSEF 2016 will be held at the Palais des Congrès of Montreal from the 7th to the 9th September 2016. The Forum’s co-organizers are the City of Montreal and the Chantier de l’économie sociale. The central theme of the meeting is the collaboration between local governments and the social and solidarity economy (SSE) organizations for the development of cities.

The Forum will showcase existing projects, from all continents, who will represent the best practices of collaboration between public authorities and social economy organizations for the development of cities. Projects by other types of organizations (citizen’s initiatives, private and hybrid enterprises, universities …) in collaboration with the SSE and/or local governments will also be considered.

The call for proposals for the GSEF2016 is now officially open. Until January 3rd, 2016, it is possible to submit initiatives to be presented at the GSEF2016 by completing an online form.

For more information about the GSEF2016 and to be kept abreast of the opening of the registration (early march 2016), please sign-up to the GSEF2016 newsletter.


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