The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone. UNDP’s overall vision is to help countries achieve the simultaneous eradication of poverty and significant reduction of inequalities and exclusion.

Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and UNDP

At UNDP, several regional and national programmes have included work on the SSE, notably in Eastern Europe/Central Asia and in Venezuela. UNDP connects SSE to local economic development and believe SSE can play a role in the recently designed Local Governance Strategy. UNDP ART co-organized the II World Forum on Local Economic Development in October 2013. During the foru, a session was held on SSE and local development. The Bureau for Development Policy and the Bureau for External Relations and Advocacy are also working on SSE-related issues. UNDP Timor-Leste undertakes Social Business Initiatives with the aim of contributing to private sector development and poverty reduction and of accelerating MDG achievement in Timor Leste.

UNDP is interested in the promotion of SSE in South-South Cooperation, local economic development, gender equality, social service provisioning, public policy and law, social entrepreneurship, cooperative enterprises, environmental protection, food security and sustainable cities.

Relevant Publications and Outputs

Project Document – Mobilize Social Business to Accelerate Achievement of Timor-Leste MDGs (2012 – 2015)

For more information, please contact Alexis Laffittan for UNDP Geneva at alexis.laffittan[@]undp.org and Caroline Lensig-Hebben for UNDP NY at caroline.lensinghebben[@]undp.org.